20 Survival Myths that will kill you

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Many survivalists are unaware of the things that will kill you. Many think these are safe from watching tv but I’m going to give you the truth. Today I will share with you 20 survival myths that will kill you

Food and Animal Survival Myths

Raw meat and seafood are safe to eat

Eating raw meat or fish may be safe sometimes but it’s not something you should do. Any type of raw meat can contain pathogens that will attack your body.

The reason people can eat sushi is that some raw seafood that comes from saltwater is safe for consumption. The reason for that is the pathogens aren’t that compatible with humans. Some of the worms and bacteria in raw seafood that comes from saltwater are not able to infect the human host. As a general rule, you should cook your food before you consume it.

You can eat the same things as animals

An animal might eat a plant that is edible to humans, but they can also eat things that are dangerous to humans

Sucking the venom from a snakebite

Sucking the venom can put the victim at larger risk. Your saliva contains bacteria from your mouth, this increases the chance of infection for the wound.

Navigating Survival Myths

You will find moss on the north side of trees

Moss mostly grows on the north side of trees. This does not mean that it always does. If you happen to be in the southern hemisphere then Moss will mostly be on the south side of a tree.

If you have a GPS you will never get lost

A GPS is a great thing if you can afford one. What will you do when it runs out of battery? What if it breaks? You should make sure that you have a map of the area and a compass. The most important thing is that you need to know what you are doing.

If you need water, follow the birds

If you follow birds there is a chance that you will find water. It is an unreliable method for water.  Any bird could simply be looking for food or a place to sleep. You can’t know what they are thinking.

Shelter Survival Myths

Building a fire in a cave

A fire in a cave is said to be great because the heat going off the walls will keep you warm. The truth is that a fire in a cave is extremely dangerous. The heat from the fire will cause the rocks forming the cave to expand. A cave is a potential death trap. The cave in could happen at any moment without warning. There are multiple outcomes of a cave in. You can be trapped, killed or injured.

Fire beats shelter

Some people think that a fire is better than a shelter. A fire is great for warming up and cooking. A fire is important but you can’t skip your shelter.  If you have a choice, you never want to sleep out in the open. If it starts raining unexpectedly or becomes really windy you will be thankful for the shelter.

Space blankets have no use

Some campers or hikers think space blankets are useless. The material in the blanket will help you retain your body heat. It will not evaporate any moisture but it will help you stay warm. Today space blankets are the size of a wallet without the thickness. They are affordable so why not carry some in your bag?

Lean-tos are great shelters

Many people think lean-tos are some of the best shelters. They certainly are easy to make. A lean-to does not have walls or a doorway so you will not stay warm or dry. If you need to make a quick shelter a lean-to is fine but make sure you add walls for extra protection. To stay dry you can add some leaves to your bedding.

Use two sticks to make a fire with rubbing

Yes, it is possible to make a fire with friction. It is more than just rubbing two sticks together. To make a fire from friction you need to know how and practice.

Use your thumbnail to test wood

If you can dent a piece of wood with your thumbnail it is good for a friction fire. No not true. There are some softer woods that don’t work and some hardwoods that do work. Don’t trust this method, learn what wood works with friction fires.

The oil on your nose is a good fire starter

There is not enough oil on your nose to start a fire. You produce more sweat than oil on your face.

Regular matches will work when they are dry

In regular matches, enough moisture will make them useless for fire starting. When a regular match gets wet the chemicals on the head will not light. Keep your matches in some sort of waterproof container or invest in some waterproof matches.

Eight sided bow drill

More edges will help a bow drill grip the string which results in more friction. The sharp edges can cause the cord to shred. With a shredded cord, it would vibrate. Your bow drill would perform the same way a round drill would.

Staying hydrated Survival Myths

Drinking your pee

Do yourself a favor and don’t drink your pee, especially if you’re dehydrated. Urine is how the body gets rid of the excess waste. Urine is not safe or smart to drink.

Drink blood to survive

There is water in all blood. This does not mean you should drink it. In many cultures, the consumption of blood is for minerals and protein, not hydration. Some survivors have been able to stay alive by drinking blood but the risks are severe. You don’t know whether or not the blood you are drinking contains pathogens.

Suck on a stone

Sucking on a stone will cause your saliva to flow even greater. You be sucking on mostly saliva, there is no real gain. You could also accidentally inhale the stone and choke.

Eat snow

You don’t just want to pick up snow off the ground and eat it. The snow will contain more air than water. Eating snow could cause your body to go into hypothermia because of the cold in your core. If you need water and there is snow make sure you melt it before you drink.

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