Bug Out Motorcycles vs Bug Out Trucks

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When it comes to picking out bug out vehicles it can be very difficult to decide. I have given reasons for the pros and cons of getting bug out motorcycles or bug out trucks.


Bug out Motorcycles

Motorcycles get great miles per gallon compared to a car or truck. Most motorcycles from the factory can get up to 50 miles per gallon. This will allow you to travel further and fill up your tank less often.

The one problem is the size of the gas tank, but with the fuel efficiency it balances out. If you are bugging out you can siphon gas from abandoned vehicles. The smaller tank will you to top off in a small amount of time.

If you are not the only one bugging out the roads will be full of cars, some may even be broken down. If you were to use a large vehicle it would take a long time to maneuver around all the vehicles. A motorcycle gives you the opportunity to go in between cars and squeeze through tighter areas.

A bug out motorcycle is great for storage because of its small size and a good amount of storage. This vehicle provides a low profile allowing you to not be so flashy. The only downside to the storage on a motorcycle is that there is not much space. You will need to prepare for the small space it has.

A bug out motorcycle or dirt bike can be really easy to repair. Motorcycle engines are small and easy to repair. Some bikes can be hard to repair because of all the parts but some can also be easy.

Motorcycles or dirt bikes can go off-road if they have the right tires and traction. A motorcycle would be better than an off-road truck because of its small size. With a truck, you would need to find a dirt road that has been driven on. A bug out motorcycle gives you the capability to create your own path.

Motorcycles are lightweight and therefore have a fast acceleration. They can give you the speed to get away if needed. You can also travel at a faster rate of speed than just a car. They have high maneuverability so many obstacles won’t be a problem.


Bug out Trucks


When it comes to bug out vehicles, trucks are some of the most well-rounded vehicles available. Trucks can be used for all sorts of tasks including towing, hauling, going off road, storage, and many others. Most trucks if not all of them are four-wheel drive giving you power and traction to climb hills and go off-road. Trucks can be used to haul things in the bed or you can go the extra mile and attach a trailer for more storage. If you are traveling in a group it’s good to have someone who can tow you if you’re stuck.

Everyone reading this must know that trucks don’t get the best miles out of a tank. Trucks can get anywhere from thirty miles per gallon to six depending on weight and other factors. The fix for this downside is that you can attach a large tank and get yourself some extra range. Keep in mind that you will eventually need to refill the tank and gas could be difficult to find while bugging out. Getting enough gas to refill your tank could take days.

Your fuel efficiency, mileage, and ability to find fuel can also depend on your gas type. You can choose between diesel and gas engines. Depending on where you live and are traveling, diesel may be difficult to find. The advantage of diesel fuel is that you can make biodiesel yourself and use that for fuel. In a long-term situation creating your own fuel will be more efficient.

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