Camping for Beginners: 5 Essential Things to Never Forget

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Camping for beginners - Monkey Survival

So, finally the spring is knocking at the door and some beginner campers are getting ready to go off-grid for the first time. The very first thing that will come to the newbie’s mind is to buy some useful camping gears good for camping for beginners. But since it’s your first wild experience, you aren’t sure what actually you need. We will help you with camping for beginners.


The problem is- today’s camping stores are loaded with a vast array of confusing gears which might lead you to buy tools you don’t need right away. Buying fancy gadgets are nice to showcase your backpack but these aren’t imperative for camping. Secondly, it’ll take a toll on your budget as well.  


When I did my first countryside trip; still I remember I was nervous and worried that I packed all the right tools which lead me to carry unnecessary weight. And the camping ended up with massive back pain and unpleasant troubles.


Don’t panic reading all these; actually camping for beginners away from busy life is really simple, peaceful, thrilling and cheap also. Still interested? Perfect. I’ve compiled a list of 5 essential camping stuff that’ll help you to get the best outdoor experience for beginners.


  1. Good Quality Rain protective Shelter:

Protective Shelter Camping for Beginners - Monkey Survival

When it’s about sleeping at a place where no proper arrangements are available, you need a planned preparation. Besides, who might want to get wet after a hectic day? So you’d like to make sure you didn’t dare to forget packing a perfect shelter for you.


When you are hiking miles at the base of the mountain or trekking in the backwoods, every bit of weight on your backpacking items count. If you aren’t camping in a big group, carrying a tent too big only add load upon your shoulder than having better camping experience.


Moreover, if you bring your kids, then multi-room tents can provide you with a little privacy and safety as well. Even these are perfect for setting chairs when it rains outside.


A Spacious, user-friendly, and feature-rich tent can fulfill your dream to have a home away from your home- at the peak of a mountain or in the middle of the wildlife. Choosing the right shelter can ensure comfort, safety, fun and luxurious experience.


So if you are going to an isolated place, consider bringing a waterproof tent made of best materials and make sure you have a sound sleep even against weather like hot summer, winter or rain.


  1. Eating and Drinking Essentials:

Eating And Drinking Essentials : Camping for Beginners - Monkey Survival

You aren’t in a hotel room to expect a breakfast coffee and newspaper when you wake up in the morning. No online store, no food delivery service and no restaurants are there to serve you your desired menu!


Remember, you are in the middle of wildlife or open space where you are in the charge to prepare your own meal!


Since hiking, Mapping out in the wilderness or exploring the outdoor are all activity-based excursions, you need to pay extra attention in staying hydrated and preserve calories. Besides, nutrition needs are as important as taking a breath.


However, you can’t pack all foods and fluids to cover your entire trip days at a time. That’s why you have to be very tricky. Such lightweight essential includes:


  • Have one multipurpose one-pot meal
  • Solid or Pressurized Liquid Fuel or Gas Stove with a flat surface
  • Versatile, lightweight and heat conductor cook set
  • Smart kitchen utensils
  • Premium insulated fluid bottles for weight-conscious campers
  • Ultra-light outdoor water purifiers to protect your health against protozoa, bacteria, and even viruses
  • Pack some dry fruits and snacks like Instant hot cereals, dehydrated eggs, bread, pancake mix, breakfast bars, granola, coffee or powder milk for quick preparation.


  1. Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads:

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads : Camping for Beginners - Monkey Survival

Many hikers like me, don’t want to struggle with sleeping after a long day of hiking, especially in the backcountry camping 101. You need some quality power naps to refresh your body and mind to start an awesome day. A good tent can give you proper shelter but can’t guarantee you a good night’s sleep when it comes to camping for beginners.


Moreover, the insulation process between your body and the ground will restrict to have a comfortable night stay. And since energy is everything on a longer expedition, you should enter durable and top-notch quality sleeping bags and pads before you hit the road. This will solve insulation problems and provide you comfortable and flat surface beneath your back.


I have seen some campers suggest packing pads and bags only if you are camping out in freezing temperatures and tropical jungles. Honestly- I prefer to take a decent backpacking sleeping pad in almost all destinations.


  1. Navigational Tools for finding your way

Navigation Tools - Monkey Survival

Whether you are traveling in a group or alone, navigational skill is something which can save your life. Anyone easily can get lost in exploring jungles, mountain or in unknown roads. Getting lost in the dark forest or wildlife even for a little while is enough to give you unpleasant feelings. So you’d fully appreciate the value of little preparation which will help you to find your way out from getting lost. This will keep your life safe from any circumstances when camping for beginners.


Pack these devices in your expedition backpack before you go out for any outdoor camping.


  • Versatile and Geocaching features enable GPS device like a watch or Smartphone
  • A topographic map and Electronic compass
  • Zoom binoculars with water-resistant and moisture proof features
  • Multi-purpose and collapsible LED camping Lantern and bright flashlights
  • Long ranges walkie-talkie with integrated channel scan feature to find nearby radios for quick help
  • Portable rechargeable power supply or lightweight solar panel charger
  • Pocket knife, Fire Starter, and Waterproof Matches


  1. First aid kits for camping:

First Aid Kit - Monkey Survival

Core first aid supplies are very essential for camping for beginners especially if it is far away from civilization. You can solve many scrapes, bumps and minor problems or at least can buy some time while calling for help in case of major incidents.


I know how it feels when you have to deal with an accident or injury where you don’t have any medical aid.


So you should include these camping first aid kits in your backpack.


  • Large size compress bandages and Gauze Pads
  • Sharp scissors and Tweezers
  • Antibiotic cream or wipes
  • Painkiller tablets (prescribed by a specialist)
  • Hydrocortisone tube
  • Antihistamine cream
  • High-quality pain relief spray
  • Icepack
  • Hydrogen peroxide and bleach wipes
  • Disposable sterile gloves
  • Sunburn Lotion
  • And most importantly first aid manual


Basically, try to pack items depending on the activities you are planning to do at the campsite but when it comes to the essentials, beginner campers don’t need more than what’s listed here.

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