The comprehensive list of most essential survival gear items

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A survival gear is an essential part of the trip for most hikers, hunters, and wild explorers. Your survival gear will help you stay comfortable during the extended stay in the wilderness. Having a fully functional and easily manageable survival gear is essential to get through the tough situations. However, choosing and prioritizing the survival equipment and preparing a survival backpack for on-the-go situations is quite a task.

Here is the comprehensive list of the essential survival gear items taking into account both the perspectives and the scenario you are planning for; which is, a survival gear that includes the items that are modern and relatively high-tech in nature along with simpler and more primitive gear items for every kind of situation.

Essential tools:

The first and foremost point is to prepare a survival backpack that has all the t materials that can be easily used in the field. Including tested and familiar gear items is a wise decision as it will come in handy in the vulnerable situations.List of essential survival gear

The essential item in the survival gear include the simple tools such as-

  • Flint and steel for fire making
  • Knife for carving
  • Hatchet for splitting wood

Also, it is essential to be comfortable and familiar with using these tools. Practice under different conditions such as difficult weather, poor light or during extreme cold to be able to use them accurately.

Fire starting material

A well-thought-of survival gear should have multiple tools such as

  • Tools for making a fire such as a lighter, matches, flint and steel with a magnesium strip
  • Extra batteries and several knives
  • Light and portable containers etc

Other essentials

Some of the other essential items in the survival -gear include-

  • First Aid Kit– For emergency situations your survival gear must include a first-aid kit with the essential medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze pads bound in a rubber band, a standard gauze roll, anti-diarrhea medicine, sunscreen and lip ointment, antacid tablets, safety pins, tweezers, scissors, tweezers, and medical adhesive tape
  • Compass: A compass is essential to have in the survival gear that will help you to navigate easily and with enough confidence.
  • Map of location: For better directions, do not forget to include maps, both the local and of nearby areas. In the wilderness, you need to know where exactly you are and where you are heading to. In the disaster situations, the usual landmarks may not be available and hence maps become very handy and helpful.
  • Emergency Sleeping Bags or Tents: To be better prepared for the uncertain conditions, the survival gear must have the lightweight and collapsible sleeping bags or tents that can easily fit and fold down to a manageable.

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  • Poly-cord rope
  • Emergency whistle
  • Different  sizes of Ziploc bags to keep things tinder dry and for storing food
  • Emergency blanket
  • Large stainless steel cup or canteen for boiling and holding water
  • Water purification tablets
  • Extra warm clothing
Survival equipment for security

In survival and security situations, you need to be prepared to defend yourself against the people and animals. Below are some of the essential items for the security purposes

  • Good quality flashlights 
  • Various self-defense weapons
  • Pepper spray for emergencies

In case of extreme situations, the must-have survival equipment includes-

  • Woolen blanket to keep you warm
  • Quality large kukri knife for chopping and splitting wood
  • Woolen clothing essentials including pants, warm gloves, socks, jacket etc
  • A small cooking pot
  • Bow and drill friction fire set


A neatly and well-prepared survival gear will be a lifesaver in extreme situations and will allow you to make a shelter out of the debris. However, depending on the multiple factors such as weather, location, and other conditions, the items of the survival gear varies, however, one of the most important survival skill for any situation is the experience and knowledge of handling the extreme conditions.

It always helps to educate yourself on how to survive in the wilderness through various mediums and constantly practice to use the essential survival equipment to beat all odds.

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