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Today finding the best bug out bag can be a difficult goal to achieve if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I am going to help make the process of picking the best bug out bag for you easier. There are many high-quality bags on the market today that are of high quality.

Size of your bug out bag

We all know that size matters. Picking the perfect size will make your life easier should you ever have to use your bag. There are plenty of sizes out there, ranging from the amount of storage in liters to just small, medium, and large.

Small Bug Out Bag

A small bag will help with a lightweight setup, you will not need to have several pounds on your shoulders. Small bags will give you the ability to travel faster but you have to have all your essentials with you. As a result, this type of bag will allow you to hike for long periods of time and distance. This is the best bug out bag for someone who is confident in their ability to survive and feels comfortable scavenging for anything you need.

Medium Bug Out BagMedium Sized Bug Out Bag

A medium sized bag will provide the perfect amount of space that you need without being too heavy. Due to that, it will give the appearance to outsiders that you have a good amount of items in your bag. You will be able to hike for a moderate amount of time and a moderate distance. You will have everything you need to survive 48 hours depending on what you put into the bag. This type of bag is good for someone with a good knowledge of survival and camping.

Large Bug Out Bag

A large sized bag will help you bring everything that you want along with your essentials. Large bags make you stand out in public and the chances of being attacked are higher. You will not be able to hike for a long amount of time or distance. This bag will make you extremely slow and tired. With this bag, you would possibly survive five days if you have the right gear. This bag is perfect for someone who has a lack of knowledge about bugging out and feels like they would not be able to survive without a large number of things.

All of these bags have a good side and a bad side. These things will be different from person to person. A more experienced survivalist might go with something like a smaller bag because they don’t need as many things to survive as you might need. A less experienced person may be more comfortable having a larger bag so that they can make their whole survival experience more simplified and have less work to do. Some people may like a larger bag so that they can carry some luxury items with them so that they are more comfortable.

Style of your bug out bag.

Best Bug Out Bag

The style of your bag will play an important part in your organization and what people may think you have inside. You could use a simple style backpack like the one you would use for school. You could use a tactical style backpack with molle straps for better organization. Another bag you could use is a hiking bag that is huge and holds a lot of items. The style is important because some bags that you choose from could make you a victim of robbery from unprepared people because you look like you are prepared.

School Bag Style

A school bag style bag will make you look like there are less valuable items in your bag so you will less likely be robbed. Regular school bags have plenty of room in them for all of your essential gear. They will be able to hold your water outside in the pockets or you could customize it. If you wanted to add a water bladder you could cut a hole for your water line and keep the hydration bladder in your laptop compartment. This may be the best bug out bag.

Tactical or Military Style Bug out bag

A tactical style bag will give you maximum customization and lots of storage areas. It will allow you to attach molle items to the outside of your bag. The bag will make you more of a target for theft because you will look prepared and seem like you have valuable items inside your bag. Tactical bags usually are the way to go if you know how to defend yourself and you are aware that you are a potential target.

Hiking Style bug out bag

Large Hiking Backpack

With a hiking style bag, you will be able to carry almost anything you want to. The downside to a hiking style bag is that it will get heavy really fast. This will make you slow and unsafe. The only way you could run away would be to drop the bag. The amount of things you can store makes up for the slowness.

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag style bug out bag will provide you with lots of room but not much organization. A duffel bag will be perfect if you have a separate system for organizing your things. Carrying a duffel bag will slow you down as many only have a strap for your shoulder and carry handles. These will limit your ability to run in an emergency and may make you easy prey to evil people. If you are going to use a duffel bag, look for one with backpack straps so that you have several different ways of carrying your bag.
A duffel bag will flop around if you are not constantly holding onto it. They are great for a large number of items that you just want to stuff into your bag. This may not be the best bug out bag.

Fitment of your bug out bag.

You don’t want to walk around with an uncomfortable backpack on your shoulders for hours while you travel. The fitment of your bag is one of the most important factors for your comfort while it’s on your shoulders. Padded straps are something you are going to want to look for in finding your bag. You do not want to be walking and have your shoulder straps rubbing against your shoulders, this could create a rash and cause several more problems like slowing you down.

Amount of compartments

The number of compartments that your bag has will help with the organization of all of your things. You want to keep all of your things organized so that you know exactly where they are. You do not want to be rummaging through your bag when an emergency happens and you really need something. The more compartments you have the better organization you will have. Having multiple compartments will allow you to organize your bag the way you want.

If you have a tactical or military-style bug out bag with molle webbing you will be able to add more compartments to the outside of your bag. Too many compartments can be confusing if you do not have anything to identify what is inside any of those compartments.

Pro Tip: Color code your compartments on the outside tape or marker to make it easier to identify the compartment.

Reliability of Bag

You don’t want a bag that will tear or break just by slipping on something. The reliability of your bag is one of the most important parts when having a long-term bug out bag. That bag is your main use of storage and if you lose it then you have nothing. You will depend on your bag for easy transport and the ability to carry more items on your person. If you cannot depend on your bag then get a different one. You should not have to worry about your bag ripping and needing to maintain your bag. In a situation where you need your bag, you will have more important things to worry about.
Get a bag you can trust and depend on with your life on for survival. Your bag should be able to last you for years with rough use and harsh conditions. No matter how reliable your bag is sometimes things just happen. Consider carrying a sewing kit and some patches to fix anything that may happen on your travels. You should always be prepared to fix your gear as needed. Nothing lasts forever. Not even if its the best bug out bag.

Material of Bag

Like I said about reliability, you need to depend on your bag and a strong material will make it difficult to tear. The best bug out bag will be strong and reliable. It may add a bit of extra weight to your bag but if you can count on it then I would personally take the chance. If your bag is made of cheap fabric it will be easy to tear if you scrape it against something. You should not buy a cheap bag if you want some good fabric. Do the research and find a reliable bag that won’t rip. Keep an eye out for a waterproof material or a material that you can make waterproof like canvas.

A canvas bag is made of a thick material that can easily be waterproofed. Coat the material in some beeswax to make the water or rain bead right off the bag. You want to keep your things inside dry so this is an important part of a bag. You also want to look for some nice padded material for your back and the straps of your bag. A super thin strap will rub and make you uncomfortable. Canvas can make one of the best bug out bag materials

Hip Belt

Hip belts can be bulky and thick but if you find the right bag they can really help them stay tight on your body. You want to look for a bug out bag with a hip belt that isn’t too thick but has a certain amount of comfort. Hip belts keep your bag from bouncing around and making you slower. They also help keep the bag on you so that there won’t be a chance for it to fall off. Some hip belts even have molle webbing so that you can add some more storage near your waist.
Hip belts are not essential but if you can find a backpack with a nice and comfortable one then go for it. If you do end up getting one look for some nice padding so that you have a more comfortable journey. No one ever said you couldn’t be comfortable while bugging out.

List the gear you want to bring to know your bag size

Before you start to look for a bag compose a list of all the items that you are going to be putting in your bag. The list will help give you a general idea of how much space all of your things are going to take up in the bag. Stack them like you would have them in a bag in order to get the basic measurements of the size bag you need.


Accessibility to the pockets and pouches in your bag is a must. You need to be able to quickly grab something when you’re in need or have an emergency. Getting to something as fast as possible could save someone’s life, or maybe even your own life. If someone needs emergency medical help you don’t want to be stuck rummaging through your bag. The time it takes could be the seconds that person needs, whether it be you or someone else.
Pouches on the outside will be the easiest to access in an emergency so consider having a medical pouch on the outside of the bag if possible. Those extra seconds will be useful in a major emergency. This is essential for the best bug out bag.

The conclusion of the best bug out bag

I can make any suggestions to help make your search easier when it comes to looking for the best bug out bag. In the end, you will be able to know exactly what you need with all of the information I have put together. I have compiled all of the factors that I can and I hope you find the perfect bag for everything that you need.

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