Hunting in the wilderness with Essential Survival Skills

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Each year thousands of hunters take that ultimate hunting and camping trip out to the backcountry. It can be an awesome experience and a lot of fun, it could become fatally dangerous if you’re not prepared for it. Before you go think about learning essential survival skills.

Hunting and surviving with essential survival skills


Essential Survival Skills

Not only beginners but even an experienced outdoorsman should take a first aid and survival class. It could not only save you or someone else’s life but lets your loved ones and friends know that you are smart enough to take a wilderness trip and give them some piece of mind.

Knowing how to check someone’s consciousness, pulse and giving CPR one of many essential survival skills. One thing to remember is not to panic in a desperate situation. When you panic you don’t think well. You want to be focused on a critical disaster.

You should always know your location and be sure you are aware of your surroundings. Getting lost is easy and can put you into a bad situation if you are not extremely careful. Knowing where you’re at is a major concern, and with today’s technologies, there are many emergency locators available for purchase. A handheld GPS or a compass is simple enough to operate and will bring you back to where your camp is. The sun can help get you going in the right direction if you know the map of where you were going or where you hope to be.


If you travel into the woods during the very early hours, it’s a good idea to see where the sun comes up, showing you where east is. If you don’t know where the four points on the compass are make a note of where the sun is located at midday. When the sun is overhead, it’s usually between 11:00 and 1:00 the sun will be prominent to the south. Face towards the sun where your shadow is directly behind you and you will be facing south and your shadow facing north. Standing in that same spot there stick your left arm straight out 90 degrees and you will be pointing east, your right arm will be pointing west.

If planning to walk straight into the woods about 300 to 500 yards and stay till dark, it’s a good idea to put some Bright Eyes on the backside of the trees every 30 yards as your walking in, so if you head back into camp at dusk, you can shine your flashlight on your trees to find your way back. Bright Eyes are small tacks that glow in the dark when hit by your flashlight. They can be purchased at many sporting good stores.

Search the internet for outdoor safety and survival so you can be prepared when going on a hunting trip. Carry a first aid kit and survival kit when venturing into the outdoors. There are many items I did not mention, here are a few essential items that could help get you started.

For A First Aid Kit:

band-aids, gauze, tape, antibiotic cream, alcohol prep pads, medical scissors, bandages, needles, and some thread.

Survival Kit:

High-quality knife with at least a 4in. blade, for cutting tree branches and other things. Small pocket knife to clean fish or other small objects. Flashlight with extra batteries, fishing line, hook, and sinker for fishing. Dip matches in melted candle wax to keep them dry. Small magnifying lens to start a fire with when the sun is out. Whistle to blow for help if needed. Cotton balls for fires. Plastic bag to carry matches and cotton balls in, for moisture resistance. GPS or compass to find your way in the outdoors.


You will also need an idea for what to put in with your survival kit. Essentials to a survival kit with survival tips

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