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Most preppers focus on their homes and bug out bags. This leaves people not focusing on their car. But what if you were caught in a serious storm? Maybe a hurricane? Having emergency gear in your car has never sounded so good.

Emergency items in your car don’t have to take up your whole trunk. It can be simple or a complicated set up in your car. The more complicated, the more expensive all of the gear can get. It can even take up more room.

We all know that the expensive gear is usually more compact. Get yourself a good quality backpack and put most of the gear in it. Treat it like a bug out bag for your car. It should be stuff you really need. The most important thing is that you know your car, you know how to fix it.




  • Lightsticks – also known as glow sticks. They don’t require a battery because it’s a chemical reaction. They can last several hours and they can be quite cheap.
  • Flashlight – now these usually require a battery to run so you should occasionally bring it inside to charge it or change the batteries after a year or two. You can also get a hand crank flashlight so you don’t have to worry about the battery.
  • Emergency candles – if you want to make sure you will have a light with you then you should have some emergency candles. This can be a bit overboard for some but it is up to you.

Vehicle equipment

(this step can be a bit overboard but if you have a car that is known to break down it might be a good idea to have some of these)

  • Brake fluid – you never want to drive without brakes.
  • Fix-A-Flat – this should be your last resort because most shops won’t deal with a tire that this has touched. (if you have a spare, use it).
  • Ice Scraper – this only needs to be in your car during the winter months. You may not even need one if you live in a warmer area.
  • Car Jack – most newer cars come with a jack if you have a spare. This is only necessary if you have a spare tire. If you have a spare then you might want to check to see if you have a jack.
  • Tire iron – like I said with the tire jack. If you have a spare tire it may also come with a tire iron. Be sure to check that you have one. You don’t want to be in a bad situation and find out you don’t have one.
  • Jumper Cables – you should always have these in your car. This is an essential thing to have even if it’s not a disaster situation. Eventually, someone that drives past will stop next to you and offer you help. They may have their own jumper cables but it’s always good to have your own set.
  • Flares – this is important if you are broken down at night. There are battery powered flares and also regular flares. Having these makes sure you are visible so that you have less of a chance of getting hit and more of a chance of getting help.
  • Fuses – sometimes when your car breaks down randomly it just a fuse. It would take less than two minutes to change the fuse after you diagnose it.
  • Antifreeze/Coolant – If you have an older car and know your radiator leaks or may leak then it might be a good idea to have some in your car.
  • Emergency fuel – there are some fuel products out there that don’t light on fire. This way you can keep fuel in your car and not have to worry about it lighting in a fire.
  • Tool Kit – tools are great to keep in your car. If there is something loose you can fix it. It might save you money in the long run. You should get a ratchet set and a set of screwdrivers.
  • Spare tire – if your car didn’t come with a spare tire you can always buy one.
  • Duct tape – we all know that duct tape has hundreds of uses. You can patch things up on your car or you can even use it for survival. It’s a great thing to have in your car in general.



  • First Aid Kit – most cars come with a first aid kit. But it’s always good to buy one that is full of essential items. Most car first aid kits come with cheap supplies and not all that much.
  • Map – sometimes your GPS acts up and won’t find a satellite. This could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now if you have a kit in your car you could survive out there. Maybe someone would even find you after a day or two. No one wants to be stuck in that situation. It’s better to just be back on track.
  • Multi-tool – there always useful plus you can just carry it on your person. You may have your toolkit but multi-tools are great.
  • Tissues – there good for blowing your nose but you can also use them as a tinder.
  • Wet wipes – this is a good item to have in general. Sticky hands suck. You can also use them to clean your body.
  • Water – you can only go three days without water. Make sure you use water purification tablets or a solution to keep the shelf life of your water. Make sure you don’t leave it in the sun.
  • Metal cup – you need something to drink out of. Plus you can boil any water you find.
  • Small Folding Shovel – these can help you get your car going again if your tires are stuck or slipping.
  • Emergency food bar – these are great if you need them. Some also taste good.
  • Batteries – those flashlights you are going to put in your car may require batteries. There also good for other electronics that need batteries. You don’t want something you need to die and not have a backup.
  • Compass – some cars have a built-in compass but you should have one. There simple and you can get some that are small.


  • Blanket – if it’s during winter season you’re going to regret not having it. If you’re worried about space you can get some emergency blankets, although they’re not all that comfortable.
  • Extra clothing – it’s great to have a change of clothing if your wet or dirty. Or if you just spill something on your shirt or pants at work.
  • Coat – this is another seasonal item. Only have it in your car during the winter months. Have a raincoat in your car or a cheap poncho.
  • Gloves – there good for winter and if you need to work on your car.
  • Shoes or boots – an extra pair of shoes or boots in case yours are soaking.
  • Umbrella – another great thing for when it’s raining. Keeps you dry and protects you from the sun.

If you want to set up a bug out bag for yourself, check out How to Find The Best Bug Out Bag.

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