Outdoor Safety And Survival In The Woods

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Outdoor Saftey

Every year thousands of people venture to the outdoors for some fun and relaxation, but way to often somebody gets injured or dies because of the lack of knowledge or preparation. Some of these adventurous activities are mostly hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating, mountain or rock climbing. Many beginners and other outdoor enthusiast don’t realize the risk and hazards that are involved in outdoor activities and survival in the woods. They load up their vehicle with just a few items, like a tent, a cooler, a little bit of food and water and off they go.

No matter if you’re going for a day or a week, you should always take the time to plan ahead, and never go alone. If possible you should carry a cell phone and extra batteries fully charged.

One of the most important things to do is, let family and friends know exactly where you are going and for how long. Make sure to let them know you will call them every day and you should call them in the early evening.

If you are setting up a campsite and then plan to go hiking, you should try to be back at your campsite before dark. The next thing you should have is a first aid kit and a survival kit. Some things you should have in your survival kit is rope, compass, knife, flashlight, matches, extra batteries, light jacket, plenty of water and crackers, and a cell phone. Keep things like your cell phone, matches, and crackers in a water tight zip lock bag.

Last year I bought some new camping gear and ski gear and went to Utah for a week of camping and skiing. While I was there, I overheard a conversation from a snowmobile guide about a skier that had gotten lost. The person had ventured off the ski slope to do some backcountry skiing. He soon found himself lost. One of the snowmobile guides happen to be out on his snowmobile in the backcountry and came across the skier. The skier asked him where the ski resort was and the guide told him it was about 4 miles west of where he was. The skier was traveling east, deeper into the wilderness. The skier was very lucky that the guide happens to come by, he could have been stranded in the wilderness overnight and could have possibly died. A simple little device like a compass could have gotten him back.

Often when I go on my adventures, I see people putting their self in danger. I have seen people lean their guns on the side of a vehicle while taking a lunch break, I’ve seen people in canoes and kayaks in the white water with no safety vest, and people riding bikes on treacherous mountain trails with no helmet.


Many people do not think of the consequences of going off on an adventure without being prepared. Always plan your trips ahead of time and think about anything that could happen and how and what you would need to be prepared for any situation.

There are many ways to find out how to be prepared for an outdoor adventure and the survival in the woods techniques needed for just about any dangerous situation.

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