Newbie’s Guide to Truck Mounted Moffett Forklifts

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When it comes to delivering something extra in your business and striving to gain more profits, you need more precision, versatility, competitive edge, and more profitability. With the right Moffett forklift for sale, a truck mounted one to be precise; drivers can unload all their cargo without the need to wait for any assistance. Using this forklift translated into a faster turnaround, increased profitability, and better logistics.

The special feature of the Moffett truck-mounted forklift is it fits at the rear of your trailer or truck conveniently, taking up a small area of your load space. Dismounting this is a breeze and you can easily get your work done in just a minute. Each model that comes under Moffett forklifts come in unique designs to suit your applications.

As a newbie, you will get to see them hanging off the backsides of trucks as you travel on highways. Most of us know just vaguely, what they are, but many of us do not understand what impact their functionality actually has on the companies that rely on them. From building products, shingles to more, truck mounted forklifts help with loading and unloading materials.

Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift Features

So, how can you ensure that the Moffett you choose meets more of your business expectations and promises durability, reliability, and performance? This is quite simple, you have to begin with fully understanding your business needs, and then choose a forklift that delivers productivity and efficiency tailored to you.

However, the general features of a forklift include:

Easy and Quick Ground Remote Mount

This system enables you to dismount and mount your Moffett Truck conveniently, effortlessly, and single-handedly through a point and click remote control (wireless), within just a minute.

4-Way Steering Promotes Effortless Maneuverability

Another feature of Moffett is that all the wheels on the model rotate easily and independently for the best movement when handling any load or moving through narrow pathways. This is something that helps it to wriggle through various confined spaces, easily.

Better Reach With the Lift Assist

These forklifts come with telescopic forks or pantograph on the M5/M8 range, enabling you to offload and load from a distance of a fully loaded truck with complete mast functions like tilt and side shift without causing the mast of the forklift to collide with the trailer or truck body.

Features of Moffett in E-Series

moffett forklift guide

Moffett truck mounted forklifts are also available in electric or E-series. Here are some of the features that make this option an ideal one.

Environmental Friendly

The Moffett series forklifts are one of the first types powered by lithium-ion batteries. This means they are 100% emission free and this quality reduces the impact on the environment significantly.


Often accredited with having a quiet mark, the Moffett E-series is one renowned for its remarkable quiet technology, reducing noise levels in the work environment. Thanks to its silent operation, early morning and even late night deliveries in most urban areas are no longer a problem or nuisance.

Quick Charging

Most of these models come with onboard chargers, which provide complete flexibility in terms of charging the location and specification of the carrier vehicle. This also depends on the battery size, and the forklift can charge fully within just three hours.

Do You Need a License to Operate a Forklift?

Most business owners and operators ask this standard question, “Do I actually need a license?” The best answer here is definitely a yes, according to OSHA training requirements. Along with a license, you need the right certificates to use a forklift as well as authorization from employers to operate the forklift, regardless of the size of your business.

The Forklift Certificate

All forklift operators earn this certificate, which specifies the training the operator advanced, received, whether a refresher or basic training. It also indicates the type of forklift the operator needs to use, such as a reach truck or a pallet truck, the capacity rating, the motor power type, and type of attachments. Every three years, an operator has to enroll in retraining.

Why Should You Have a Valid License?

If you are operating heavy equipment, it is essential that you have all the necessary documents. Since the operation of a forklift includes use in business districts, residential neighborhoods, roads, or any other business areas, they need correct listing as public utility vehicles. In cases of accidents, where a forklift is present, the driver must be a certified one, legally. However, if an operator is not a legally certified one, then there’s the need of submitting an insurance claim, where there’s a good chance the insurer may reject any claims.

Many owners of warehouses are conscious about safety, which is the major reason why they advise their employees should undergo mandatory training to obtain the right certifications and licenses. Operation training for forklifts includes driving lessons, and this means you have to fill papers as well as pass on-road tests.

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