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There are a variety of different stoves you can employ when you are practicing wilderness survival skill from MSR stoves to the humble tea light stove. The large range of the prices for the stoves means you can find just the right thing to fit your pocketbook.

A stove really only needs to contain two items – Some fuel, Something to start the stove. Extra components can be added to increase the efficiency.

Some of the simplest stoves are the tea light, and the Altoid stoves. This article will discuss the Altoids stove, however, this can be applied to just about any metal container you can find around for wilderness survival.

The first item you need will be the fuel for the stove. My current fuel is an automotive additive that’s called HEAT. This is found at stores or gas stations for around 2 or 3 dollars. It is easy to ignite and does not produce fumes that can flare up like gasoline can (Never use gasoline in a stove).

How-To Survival Skill Stove

The stove you are going to create is an empty Altoid tin with the top of the container removed before use. You don’t want your cooking container sitting directly on the stove, as this can put the flames out. You will need to find an item that will allow your billy can or canteen cup to sit above the flames or just dig a small trench in the ground. This will support your stove and the earth can be used as your stand.

The stove needs to be placed in the trench or under your pot stand and add fuel. I have found that around 3 oz of fuel provides 20-minutes of burn time, this should be sufficient to boil water and heat your food. You can light the fuel with a match, lighter, Ferro rod and will be good to go. You just need to place your billy can or canteen onto the stand and heat the food.

3 oz of fuel is a lot to use in this stove, and you may be able to make the stove efficient by adding some insulation inside the tin. This will help hold the fuel and provide an even burn – I have not yet tested this.

The knowledge you should take away from this is that you can create a stove from a metal container you have handy, but you may have issues with efficiency. If this is fine with you then you can have a small and portable stove when you are in the wild or camping. This is just one wilderness survival skill you should learn.

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