Write For Us

How would you like an opportunity to write for us? There are many benefits to be gained from guest posting.

Before you write for us you should do this.

  •  Look at other content on the website and the topics posted.
  •  Keep the message in your writing clear and don’t get off topic.


Here are the things that I am looking for if you choose to write for us.
  •  You must be able to produce high quality and detailed content that the reader can benefit from.
  •  I will not accept any post that is under 1200 words. This does not mean I will accept you based on the number of words. See Number One.
  •  I will not accept posts that contain spelling and grammatical errors.
  •  The post must relate to the topic of this site! (survival, camping, outdoors).
  •  The content must be unique and not used anywhere else. (cannot be on any other blog/website)
  •  Your guest post can only contain a maximum of two backlinks. Your post needs to have at least two pictures pertaining to the topic.
  •  I will not accept any guest posts that contain any sort of spam. (spammy backlinks, spammy content)


*Your content should contain material to back up any data you claim. Any content should be able to keep the reader engaged and interested.

Include a call to action at the end of the post to engage readers and get responses.

How to contact us

submit [at] monkeysurvival[dot]com

Under Subject put Guest Post.

What your email should contain.

  •  A brief introduction to who you are.
  •  The title of the post you wrote or are going to write.
  •  An outline of the topic and post.
  •  Links to any articles or research you will use to strengthen your points.
  •  How the readers of MonkeySurvival could benefit from the post.
  •  Links to some of your best work.
The Following after you hear from us

You will hear from us whether your post is accepted or not. Only follow this if we have accepted your post.

  • Have a good introduction that will engage readers and make them interested.
  • Have a format with headings, subheadings, and lists if you use them.
  • At the end, there should be a conclusion.
  • The conclusion should contain a call to action.
  • More than or equal to 1000 words.
  • Include your author bio at the end. Your bio can include a link to your website and social media accounts.
  • Have a title that will grab the readers attention.
  • Provide some links to recommended copy-write free images.
  • Make sure you have carefully proofread your post.
  • Be prepared to respond to any comments on your post.

*Important – Monkey Survival will retain the copy-write to all material published. The post cannot be published anywhere else.